The Workbook, subtitled Your Gravity Fails, is an ongoing series of drawings, schematics, collages, objects and printed matter, each of which is part of studio investigations and experimentation. Every piece reflects a continued interest in the relation of image, text, color and project planning, and often, the works generated are reformulated into large-scale interdisciplinary productions.

The images shown here are selections from Workbook: Your Gravity Fails from 2005 to present.

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  • Spectre: Surface Study

    Ink and graphite on gessoed paper, 22 x 40", 2014

  • The Spectre in Yellow and Graphite

    Ink and graphite on gessoed paper, 22 x 40", 2014

  • Full of Stars (study for The Spectre)

    Pencil on paper, 22x40", 2013

  • Full of Stars

    Ink and graphite on gessoed paper featuring color and pattern study, 2013

  • Full of Stars: surface study

    Ink, gouache and graphite on gessoed paper, 2013

  • CrossPlus (A Good Hatchery)

    ink on paper 2013

  • The Spectre: Pattern Study

    Gouache, Ink and pencil on paper 2013

  • The Phantom Jukebox

    paper and tape collage 2013

  • Please Let Me Wander: The Conquerer Worm

    collage 2013

  • Boogie with Stu: The Conquerer Worm

    Paper and tape 10x17" 2013

  • Spectre Color Study

  • Good Vibrations: Honky Chapeau

    ink and paper collage 2013

  • Good Vibrations: Hit Parade

    ink and paper 2012

  • Promo Graphic

    Academy Records' Head at Actual Size LA 2013

  • I Repeat Myself When I'm Distressed

    loop study 2014 w/ Reed Kyle

  • Autumn in the Office Park (wasted materials and unnecessary effort) - contractor lunch

    paper, wire, and plastic on cardboard 2013 Included in the Two Kinds of Funny traveling exhibition

  • A Cold Day in Hell

    collage on paper 13.25x11" 2012

  • Hard Work (moneyfornothing)

    collage on paper 13.25x11" 2012

  • Sound/Image: Schematic

    ink on paper 10x13" 2012

  • for MRH

    ink and color pencil on paper 4.875x4.875" 2012 w/ Reed Kyle

  • Green Layout

    6x6" 2011 Click here for images in the Steadfast series

  • A Young Person's Guide to Humor

    (Your Gravity Fails series: 2004/2011) included in Blast Counterblast. Edited by Anthony Elms and Steve Reinke. Whitewalls/ Mercer Union Press. 2011.

  • AcR Drum Riser

    Pencil on paper. 8x6" 2010 included in Open Daybook, published by Random House. Edited by David P. Earle. 2010.

  • The Breastplate of Fire

    Pencil on paper 15x20" 2008

  • Actions Within in Hazard

    Wood, clamp. daylight bulb and clamp light. 2012 Installation view at the Beverly Art Center, Beverly, IL

  • Sammy Terry Snuggy

    (Your Gravity Fails, 2010) digital collage ?

  • You Are A Fluke of the Universe (plate)

    collage on paper 7x5" 2008

  • 99 cent love song

    collage on paper 9x6" 2009

  • Teenage Lament '74

    acrylic and collage on paper mounted on board 13.75x10.5" 2008

  • Color Study (girl for hire)

    (Your Gravity Fails, 2009). Acrylic and collage on paper mounted on board. 10.5x17". 2009.

  • 2 Lane Blacktop (for H.W.)

    ink and collage on paper 13x9" 2008

  • Burning Metal Through the Atmosphere

    (Your Gravity Fails, 2008) ink and collage on paper 7"x7".

  • Sketch :East Side Story

    ink on paper 24x18 approx 2006

  • Freak Flag

    silkscreen on cotton 36x42" 2005. Flown for Temporary Allegiance. Administered by Philip von Zweck.

  • Alphaville

    Yoga ball, wooden stools, threaded rod. 72x15x15" 2005 collection of Jason Pickleman