The Two-Pronged Crown

Moisture Trilogy

10 minute 16mm film loop with sound

The Two-Pronged Crown is a film and ancillary schematic drawings that capture a drummer pounding out a continual rhythm as the camera moves forward 100 feet for every 100 feet of film captured.  The harsh landscape of the Salt Flats in Utah coincides with the physical movement of the drumming and the eventual whir of the 16mm projector once installed in the gallery space.  The Two-Pronged Crown is the first in a trilogy of "moisture" films exploring sound and presence within various harsh landscapes.

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  • The Two-Pronged Crown: A Constant Struggle

    Ink on paper 16x22" 2007

  • Hurricane

    Pencil on paper 22x36" 2007

  • The Two-Pronged Crown

    Pencil on paper 17x22" 2007

  • Schema (overhead)

    Ink and pencil on paper 2008

  • Rhythmic Patterns

    Ink and pencil on paper 2006

  • The Finger That Which Beckons Yet Also Expels

    SD video 2008 TRT: 20 minutes

  • The Finger That Which Beckons Yet Also Expels