Holiday Inn 

Holiday Inn was a variety show designed, curated and emcee'd by Academy Records for the annual Threewalls Christmas Ball held in Chicago. In response to the classic holiday film White Christmas, the variety show featured performers re-interpreting musical numbers from the film in order. Academy Records designed and transformed the Threewalls gallery space into a set mimicking various mise-en-scene from the White Christmas film.

Featured musical and performing acts throughout the evening included:

Academy Records, La La La Caroling, Laughing Eye - Weeping Eye, Mrs. Hound and Conrad, Fatally Cool, Dan Sutherland and Chris Hefner,Dan Gleason as Son of Bing and Bill Talsma with commercials provided by Chris Hefner and Damon Bishop.

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  • Academy Records

    performing White Christmas w/ Sonia Yoon

  • La La La Caroling

    performing Blue Skies

  • Count Dan Sutherland & Chris

    performing Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep

  • Fatally Cool

    performing Snow