Harvester of Sorrow

Installation view of CollaborAct, an exhibition at Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, IN

Harvester of Sorrow was a collaboration between Academy Records, Chris Vorhees and the students of the Herron School of Art.  The collaboration resulted in the production of Mandarax, a community newspaper and a series of pencil drawings on both the walls and paper.  The Mandarax newspaper featured students' critical analyses of the city through writing and photographs, and the wall and paper drawings, designed and executed by  Academy Records and Chris Vorhees, featured selective edits of archived images collected throughout the duration of the collaboration. The drawing portion of this project was an exploration of the use, re-use, and non-use of urban sections of the city of Indianapolis through the de-construction of images tied to notions of leftover, outmoded, destroyed, left behind, and carcass.

The Harvestor of Sorrow drawings are ongoing collaborations between Academy Records and Chris Vorhees. 

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  • Digital Bitch II

    Pencil on paper 30x22" 2012

  • Fed

    Pencil on paper 30x22 2012

  • What Me Worry?

    Pencil on paper 30x22" 2012

  • Easy Chair

    Pencil on paper 22x24 2012