Filler was a 7-inch record, accompanied by an offset poster and record sleeve in an edition of 1100.

This limited edition 7-inch record was jointly produced by Academy Records and Whitewalls Magazine. It featured compositions and field recordings by visual artists Stephen Lacy, Matthew Hanner, Mrs.Hound, and musicians Fred Lonberg- Holm & Michael Colligan. Each side features a pair of two-minute tracks produced respectively by each artist involved.  The record was mastered as a parallel groove disc so that each track had its own groove, thus providing for maximum tonality.  Filler was internationally distributed through Whitewalls Magazine. 

Filler: fold out poster sleeve

Filler: fold out poster sleeve

offset 7.25x29" 2002. images (LtoR) Fred Lonberg-Holm, Andy Hall, Matt Hanner, Steve Lacy

Filler project documentation

This single length record features individual tracks by Chicago visual artists Andy Hall (aka Mrs. Hound), Matthew Hanner, and Steve Lacy, and free improvisers Michael Colligan and Fred Lonberg-Holm with the chickens of Barnes Hill Road. Each of the four tracks lasts two minutes. The record is parallel-grooved, a rare process by which the two tracks on each side are each on a separate groove. The two grooves (and in this case the confusion created by the clear vinyl) make it impossible to know which track you will hear just by dropping the needle. The idea behind this project was to create a product that used specialized, outmoded, and process oriented techniques to maximize the physical properties of a vinyl recording. Everything right in front of you. Nothing virtual but your enjoyment.