1999-2006: Various Performances and Projects

2005: Your Gravity Fails

2005: Homemade Liberty

2004: The Weeping WIllow and the Burning Flame

2003: Stroll On: The Roof. (we could've played train songs but we did this instead)

2003: The Most Bouyant Anchor/ Hope Floats

2003: The <Half> Time Show

2002: Filler

2002: The Milk of Human Kindness (curator) featured work by Matthew Hanner, Katherine Shaughnessy, Rebecca Walz, Fred Lonberg-Holm and Charley Friedman.

2001: 12 Days: Ringing Through the Land

2001: Grace Note

2000: The Demonstration Process

1999-2004: Early Catalog

1999-2003: The Newboss

1998-2000: The Object D'ART